Precautions To Take After Laser Eye Surgery

Congratulations on your Lasik surgery and soon to be 20/20 vision!


Here are certain steps and precautions you should take to ensure that there is no injury or infection.

  • Rest your eyes when you get home. Keep them closed for at least two hours.


  • You may be sensitive to light, so keep the blinds or curtains drawn.
  • Wait for a day or two before taking a shower and washing your hair. Refresh yourself with a damp cloth.
  • Take precaution not to get any product like soap or shampoo in your eyes at least for a week after Lasik surgery. Same goes for aftershave, hairspray, and similar products.
  • No make-up for at least a week after surgery.
  • Refrain yourself from rubbing your eyes, or pushing them in.


  • Diminish on-screen time, like using cellphone, computer or watching TV. Rest your eyes for a couple of days.
  • Use artificial tears to moisture the eyes, especially when your vision gets a bit blurry. If dirt or something gets into your eyes, don’t use tap water to rinse it out, not in the first week after the surgery. Again, artificial tears may help you here with the rinsing.
  • Avoid exercising and exerting yourself for the next two days.

  • No beach or pool for 10 days after surgery. Don’t allow water to get into your eyes.
  • Don’t dye your hair or get a perm 10 days after Lasik surgery
  • Use sunglasses on bright days for the next year, since direct sunlight may cause scarring of the cornea.
  • Make sure someone takes you home after surgery. You can drive only when your doctor approves operating a vehicle.

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