Learning through hide and seek

The game of hide and seek remain fascinating for children from all ages and if we’re being honest here, even for adults too. Kids can be entertained for hours on end searching for objects which are hidden and as they eventually move on to more complex games like hide and seek, they will start to learn how to expand their critical thinking and how to solve problems.

Children will learn what is called object permanence, which refers to the idea that things exist even if we don’t see them as they are forced to learn basic strategy and how to expand their horizons. Other ways playing games like hide and seek can benefit your child include enhanced social awareness and formative teamwork skills and improving their physical coordination.

While there are no downsides to play time, the environment of which the child plays in is important.
Only allowing a child to play according to your rules can limit his or her thirst for discovery and exploration. Additionally, exposing your child to ill-mannered playmates could also expose him to bad behaviour. Because unstructured play has the potential to expose the child to more risks, parents tend to limit the extent to which the child can go. Families that can help children to strike a balance between the two forms of play are sure to enjoy the benefits of both.

So there you have it! Hide and seek can play a significant role in your child’s formative years not just for fond memories, but in their learning capabilities as well. Do remember though, ensure that the playing environment is always kept safe and clear of sharp objects or anything that might cause harm to your child.

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