Pediatric Opthamology

Connecting the dots when it comes to eye health and children’s behaviour

Morgan Coveyduck, now eight, from Newfoundland and Rhiana Jorde, now 12, from Alberta have had problems in school from the beginning, such as finding it hard to recognise letters and then lagging behind their schoolmates in reading and mathematics. Because of these, their parents and teachers concluded the girls may possess a learning disability. But […]


Eye Safety Tips for Outdoor Activities

  You have the routine in place, you packed every piece of equipment and the kids are fed and dressed, so everything is ready for their sports activity, right? Well, not quite. There is one thing that can prevent serious injury to which kids are more prone to, especially when participating in sports like soccer, […]


Is Your Child Following These Important Steps For Healthy Eyes?

The first eight years of a child’s life are critical for eye development. Therefore it is extremely important to follow these simple tips to ensure the best development of your children’s eyes. While using electronics: In today’s world, children are commonly using smartphones, tablets and computers, playing games, and watching television. But the young eye […]