More Than Meets the Eye: Behavioral Optometry

Behavioral optometry is a holistic approach to vision care. Rather than just treating the eyes, behavioral optometry assesses behavior patterns in conjunction with lifestyle and visual function requirements. A Behavioural Optometrist has a special interest in vision beyond the eye-ball. Behavioural Optometrist will not only consider the treatment of any eyesight difficulties but also the […]


Everything You Need to Know To Prevent Diabetic Complications For Your Eyes

If you have diabetes, you probably know that your body can’t use or store sugar properly. Diabetes may also affect your eyesight by leading to several complications. When blood sugar gets too high, it can damage your eyes blood vessels, which may lead to diabetic retinopathy. Diabetes may cause blood vessel growth over the retina, […]


Food For Your Eyes

Eat right to protect your eyesight. Many people suffer from poor eyesight, distorted vision, or have difficulty seeing objects close up (farsightedness or hyperopia) or at a distance (nearsightedness or myopia).

Taking proper care of your eyes, including providing the nutrients they need, plays a vital role in keeping them healthy. The overall health of your eyes depends on certain nutrients, such as vitamins A and C, bioflavonoids, carotenoids, omega-3 fatty acids, minerals and antioxidants.


Everything You Need To Know About Dry Eyes

Dry eye syndrome is one of the most common eye conditions people are faced with. It is more common in women than in men, and in patients over the age of 50.


Can’t remember something? Try shutting your eyes.

Closing your eyes can possibly lead to better recall, a report says. The study involved 178 people who were asked to watch videos of people committing crimes and were later questioned about details of the crimes. The study found that their memories of what they had seen or heard were more accurate if their eyes […]